Welcome to another website about the most popular bird, the chicken. People raise chickens for many reasons: for meat, eggs, pets, or hobbies. Some people also raise chickens for inspiration for art or writing. I raise chickens as pets for eggs and have had chickens since 1999.

Some intersting facts:

1. The most yolks ever found in an egg is nine.

2. The furthest a chicken has ever flown is 301½ feet.

3. The longest a chicken has ever been in flight is thirteen seconds.

4. The longest a chicken has ever lived is twenty-three years.

5. The longest a chicken has ever lived without its head is Mike the Headless chicken, who lived for eighteen months with no head.

7. Chickens can move up to nine miles per hour.

8. The fear of chickens is called Alektorophobia.

9. The average life span of a chicken is about 7-15 years (depending on what they are raised for).

10. It takes about twenty-one days for a chicken egg to hatch.

11. There are more chickens on the earth than people. There are approximately six-billion people and ten-billion chickens. There are 250-million chickens in America alone.

12. The largest chicken egg ever laid was nearly 12 oz, it measured 12¼ inches around.

13. The most eggs laid by a hen in one day is seven.

Counting Since July, 2007.